Segway Kickscooter ES2 Dark Grey


Gross depth (mm) 195.00 mm
Gross height (mm) 375.00 mm
Brutokaal 16.96 kg
Gross width (mm) 1080.00 mm
Netokaal 12.96 kg
Packing quantity 1.00 pc(s)
Tare weight (kg) 4.00 kg
Volume (m3) 0.08 mÂł
Garantii 24 month(s)
Toote nimetus Kickscooter ES2 Dark Grey
WEEE tax Yes
WEE classification CL109:4:2017-04-01
Composition of battery CL127:KT:2016-12-09
Classification of battery CL126:NE:2016-12-09
Embeeded battery Yes

Muud funktsioonid In order to maintain the best performance from your Segway PT Batteries, fully charge the Batteries for at least 12 hours once a month, or once every 12 hours of operation—whichever comes first. Charge your Batteries only when they are within the specified charging temperature range (for more details please read p.86., “Battery Specifications,”)
Paper/Pasteboard 3940.00 g
Plastic (No PET) 60.00 g
TI weight (kg) 1.2 kg