Sana Type Single Augler Slow Juicer, Red, 200 W W


Tooteperekond Juicer
Kaal 6 Kg g
Toote värv Red
T√ľ√ľp Single Augler Slow Juicer
Laius 484 x 183 x 320 mm cm
M√Ķ√Ķdud (l x s x k) 484 x 183 x 320 mm mm
V√Ķimsus 200 W W
K√Ķrgus 484 x 183 x 320 mm cm
Eritunnused perfect for Leafy Vegetables/ Herbs/ Leaves/ Hard Fruits/ Root Vegetables/ Soft Fruits/ Berry Fruits. Make butter from Nuts, Extrudes Pasta, Grinds Coffee and Spices, makes Baby Food.
Maksimaalne pöörlemiskiirus 63-75 RPM
Pöörlemiskiirus 63-75 RPM
S√ľgavus 484 x 183 x 320 mm cm
Tarvikud kaasa arvatud juicing screenblank screenplastic juice and pulp containerscleaning brushpusherpasta setoriginal english manual
Minimaalne pöörlemiskiirus 63-75 RPM
Garantii 24 month(s)

Brutokaal 9.34 kg
WEEE tax Yes
Packing quantity 1.00 pc(s)
Volume (m3) 0.05 m³