Juicer Sana EUJ-808R Type Slow juicer, Red, 150 W, Number of speeds 1, 43 RPM


Toote värv Red
T√ľ√ľp Slow juicer
V√Ķimsus 150 W
Eritunnused Perfect for Leafy Vegetables/ Herbs/ Leaves/ Hard Fruits/ Root Vegetables/ Soft Fruits/ Berry Fruits. Make butter from Nuts, Extrudes Pasta, Grinds Coffee and Spices, makes Baby Food. Hidden Handle, Easy Cleaning.
Muud funktsioonid With a revolutionary low speed of only 43 RPM, it operates at almost half the speed of the original ‚Äúlow speed‚ÄĚ vertical juicers. This low speed, combined with the tightly-fitting new dual-edged auger, means more juice is strained from fruits and vegetables. Fiber is broken down to an even-smaller level, creating a smoother, more nutrient-dense juice. This slow and gentle squeezing process keeps healthy enzymes intact, reduces heat build-up, delays oxidation, and increases the shelf-life of the juice.
Garantii 24 month(s)
Päritoluriik South Korea
Producer product name EUJ-808R
Kiiruste arv 1
Tilkumisvastane funktsioon Yes
Ekstrasuur puuviljasisend No
Revolutions 43 RPM
Netokaal 8.40 kg
Brutokaal 10.40 kg
WEEE tax Yes

Volume (m3) 0.05 m³
Tare weight (kg) 2.00 kg
WEE classification CL109:5:2017-04-01
Gross depth (mm) 450.00 mm