ETA Stick and handheld vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 MONETO Bagless, White, 95 W, 0.55 L, 83 dB, HEPA filtration system, Cordless, DC 14.4 V, 25 min


Gross depth (mm) 630.00 mm
Gross height (mm) 350.00 mm
Brutokaal 4.05 kg
Gross width (mm) 160.00 mm
Netokaal 3.05 kg
Packing quantity 1.00 pc(s)
Plastic (No PET) 27.00 g
Tare weight (kg) 1.00 kg
TI weight (kg) 0.22 kg
Volume (m3) 0.04 m┬│
Seadme t├╝├╝p Handstick 2in1
Toote v├Ąrv White
Puhastamise t├╝├╝p Dry
Juhtmevaba Yes
Muud funktsioonid Practical control LED on the nozzle illuminating the space in front of the vacuum cleaner

Producer product family Stick and handheld vacuum cleaner 2 in 1
Pinge 14.4 V
Tolmukoti mahutavus 0.55 L
Kaasas pintsel Yes