ClipSonic Weather station SL204


Garantii 24 month(s)
Brutokaal 0.18 kg
Netokaal 0.10 kg
Producer product name SL204
Producer product family Weather station
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Korduse funktsioon Yes
Niiskusm├Á├Átur Yes
Toote v├Ąrv Black/Stainless steel
Tagantvalgustus Blue
Temperature monitoring Yes
Temperature history min / max memory for temperature and hygrometry, indication of the temperatures of the last 12 hours
Ilmaennustus Yes
Kalender Yes

Termomeeter indoor thermometer 0┬░ to 50┬░
WEEE tax Yes
Paper/Pasteboard 20.00 g
Packing quantity 1.00 pc(s)